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Mert Cobanov #0001

Username: @cobanov Job: Data Scientist, Refik Anadol Studio Date of Birth: 02.01.1996


Community lover, data scientist and generative artist. I love to share what I know, so I try to provide free data science and machine learning education to everyone on my twitter and youtube channel. I teach at several schools and communities each year. I work as a data scientist at Refik Anadol Studio, where we do great artistic works with my excellent team, and we try to digitize the memories of humanity to immortalize it.


You can see my work in my github repos and my humble portfolio.

I really enjoy writing minimal tools that make the lives of software developers easier, building end-to-end pipelines, and doing AI artistic painting works that motivate me immensely. I also digitize and repair old video tapes and bring them to high resolution and high fps forms.

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